2018-04-24 (+0900)
14:24:59hclr319Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added '\n' to is_spacechar()
2018-04-23 (+0900)
23:30:00hclr318Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added to handle a character literal
18:40:26hclr317Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added more error checks
18:16:27hclr316Committed by hyunghwan.chung
finished wring a primitive standalone json parser
03:18:45hclr315Committed by hyunghwan.chung
add some json parsing code
2018-04-21 (+0900)
14:36:06hclr314Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed hcl_json_t to hcl_jsoner_t
11:13:53hclr313Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added json related files
2018-04-20 (+0900)
00:34:25moor623Committed by hyunghwan.chung
a bit of experiments with semaphores for socket writing
2018-04-19 (+0900)
18:48:45moor622Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the compiler to compile byte array expression.
2018-04-16 (+0900)
01:24:31moor621Committed by hyunghwan.chung
aded a field to hodl the total number of semaphores in SemaphoreGroup
changed await_semaphore_group() to return failure if no member semaphore exists
2018-04-13 (+0900)
19:14:12moor620Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added some experimental code
01:05:46moor619Committed by hyunghwan.chung
touched up code more for async handling debugging
2018-04-12 (+0900)
18:36:09moor618Committed by hyunghwan.chung
broke some single line type defintions into multiple lines
11:50:37hclr312Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added hcl_setinloc() and called this on each .SCRIPT command received in the server
11:49:22moor617Committed by hyunghwan.chung
11:22:17hclr311Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the hcl server to write back an error message for input-phase errors
2018-04-11 (+0900)
18:44:29hclr310Committed by hyunghwan.chung
improved error message handling in hcl server
2018-04-10 (+0900)
22:57:18hclr309Committed by hyunghwan.chung
restructured client and server code into a single library libhclex.
also migrated socket related functions into the library
19:10:50hclr308Committed by hyunghwan.chung
touched up an error message shown for an invalid hashed literal encountered whose first character after # is invalid
18:17:00hclr307Committed by hyunghwan.chung
exported hcl_server_proto_feed_reply()
01:31:11moor616Committed by hyunghwan.chung
00:54:54hclr306Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added HCL_MOD_INCTX to hcl
added HCL_SERVER_MODULE_INCTX to hcl server
2018-04-09 (+0900)
18:11:24hclr305Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed an issue in logfmtv.h
15:24:08hclr304Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed tests in configure.ac
15:22:00moor615Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed build files
15:11:57hclr303Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed build files again
14:36:33hclr302Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed build files
12:06:52hclr301Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added some description about hcl exchange protocol
11:42:05hclr300Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed missing short-form reply handling in lib/main-c.c
11:16:50moor614Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed mod/ffi.c for some function name changes
02:56:25hclr299Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed quo to div and added mdiv
02:47:38moor613Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed the error literal notation from error(NNN) to #\NNN.
prohibited the backslash character from forming a binary selector.
renamed quo: to div:, // to mdiv:, \ to mod:
02:35:21hclr298Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added the 'rem' and 'mod' primitive functions
2018-04-08 (+0900)
00:54:16hclr297Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed some function names for naming consistency
00:54:09moor612Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed some function names for naming consistency
00:21:05hclr296Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added lambda? predicate
00:09:02hclr295Committed by hyunghwan.chung
set salit.size to 0 forcibly  in get_symbol_array_literal()
2018-04-07 (+0900)
15:29:17moor611Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added moo_sqrtint() and moo_absint()
15:28:54hclr294Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed an error handling issue in get_symbol_array_literal()
13:43:56hclr293Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added many type checking predicates
11:28:38hclr292Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added the abs primitive function
01:33:35moor610Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed some encoding conversion functions for consistency
01:33:17hclr291Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed some encoding functions for consistency
00:29:34hclr290Committed by hyunghwan.chung
udpated README.md
00:16:23hclr289Committed by hyunghwan.chung
remove some spaces
00:15:53moor609Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed error number setting issues in hcl_seterrxxx() functions.
prefixed internally used encoding conversion functions with hcl_
2018-04-06 (+0900)
23:59:45hclr288Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed hcl_seterrxxx() functions not to set the errnum field again for failures in internal operations, especially in hcl_convxxx()
23:37:40hclr287Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed hcl_seterrxxx() functions
23:21:48hclr286Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed notation from #{} to #()
17:55:23hclr285Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed an issume of producing a wrong closing bracket for a dictionary objecT
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